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After reading a variety of today's 2021 most popular market origin, I believe you have a considerable interest in stationery in the 21st century growth market! Don't hurry, let us show the data about stationery for you and tell you about this supplies, office supplies, guest gifts, stationery gifts, commercial gifts, and even popular environmental stationery in recent years in the future estimated growth market.

Classification and classification of stationery goods

Before we begin to discuss the market for stationery gifts, we want to classify stationery souvenirs or stationery supplies those students love to let go of on the market and attach relevant articles.

Customized convenience stickers and notes

In recent years, advertising gifts, Post-it, notice stickers, N times paste, newspaper stickers, many times paste with its beautiful appearance, colorful colors, practical functions, cultural connotations, low cost, it has become a rapidly popular business gifts around the world. As a standing item on your desk, convenience memorabilia play its unique role, marking indexes, newspaper reminders, memos and casual sticky tearing features greatly facilitate our work and study.

With the development of stickers, the use of stickers is not only ordinary stationery souvenirs, but also daily necessities. Stickers have other uses besides notes and reminders

Notebook and notes

In the daily office, notebook gifts have been the highest use of daily customized stationery gifts. In the customization field of notepad souvenirs, we believe that different customers have different requirements for notebook gifts. The cover appearance of notepad memorabilia is the first feeling that attracts customers.

After knowingthe cover printing of notebook souvenirs, we are going to look at the other sides of notebooks

Customlize bookmark 

Today, there are many varieties of bookmarks, especially wooden, plastic or paper bookmark souvenirs. The pattern on the guest bookmark gift is carefully selected by friends, open the kind of surprise feeling is still unforgettable. Now, we are going to lead everyone into a unique light book fragrance and surprise bookmarking world.

In our website, we found that metal bookmark gifts have different colors, the reason is that in the production process there are some special production processes. This kind of metal bookmark is an innovation in the development of bookmark souvenirs.

The market for stationery goods

According to the foreign research website, office supplies in the stationery market in the past few years with rapid growth rate and access to stationery supplies to obtain a staggering growth rate. According to the study, this growth rate can continue to grow from 2020, 2021, 2022 to 2027, especially in the stationery market in Asia. Office supplies in the stationery souvenir market has become the rest of the stationery supplies fierce rivals. 

The two reasons that stationery becomes a black horse:
1. The gradual increase in the number of young people in higher education has indirectly increased the number of start-ups.
2. The trend towards globalization in 2021 can also be said to be the trend of the twenty-first century.

The necessaryof stationery:
1. In addition to desks, office chairs, offices, and other office furniture, office stationery is also recognized as a necessary necessity for the establishment of a company, business, or group.
2. With diversified commercial stationery, the office has the opportunity to maintain operations and promote business prosperity. Different departments also need to catch their guests attention through a variety of customized stationery gifts. These customlized goods will be packed but not limited to: convenience stickers and notes, binder notebooks, advertising stationery gifts, and even file clips.

By learning more about the stationery souvenir market, you can design and customize the relevant stationery gifts to catch customers attention. With the evolution of the times, stationery has become an indispensable commodity for all kinds of industries, such as commerce, civil engineering, culture and education, insurance and finance. What's more interesting is that, after customlized design, this indispensable stationery product can become the best gift, corporate giveaway, shareholders' meeting gift, and advocacy product!




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