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Recycled Lanyard Gifts - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts

Landyard is used for work pass, show pass, factory pass,ect. And it can be used on electronics, like mobile phone, DC, mp4, flashlight, ect.

Recycled landyard is made of recycled material, such as polyester, bamboo fiber, nylon and cotton. Recycled landyard has the soft, comfortable, smooth, good drape characteristics. Take the bamboo fiber landyar into consideration, natural bamboo is the raw material of the natural Bamboo fiber, and the bamboo cellulose extracted from the bamboo is made of physical methods, such as cooking and processing done by the system.

SourceEC provide various kinds of recycled lanyards for your promotion remaining environmentally conscious. Please feel free to choose your eco-friendly recycled lanyards and contact us.