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Corporate Gifts Singapore - Customized Corporate Gifts Ideas 

20123 - Promotional Umbrellas - Five-folding Umbrella

17186 - Promotional Gifts - Color Changing Umbrella

17982 - Promotional Umrellas - Pill-shape Umbrella

17184 - Advertising Umbrellas - Folding Umbrella

8635 - Premium Gifts - Gradient Three Folding Umbrella

16163 - Souvenir Gifts - Golf Umbrella

12405 - Souvenir Gifts - Gilver Lining Umbrella

8235 - Corporate Gifts - Promotional Umbrella

11081 - Corporate Gifts Suppliers - Advertising Umbrella

8628 - Promotional Gifts - 30-inch Golf Umbrella

20112 - Corporate Gifts Suppliers - Advertising Umbrella

19956 - Souvenir Gifts - Straight Umbrella

8641 - Promotional Gifts - Straight Umbrella

19958 - Personalized Umbrellas - Straight Umbrella

16547 - Custom Umbrellas - 16K Transparent Umbrella

12196 - Premium Gifts - Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

13758 - Corporate Gifts - Upside Down Umbrellan

17961 - Rain Gear- Lighting Inverted Umbrella

20125 - Corporate Gifts Suppliers - Transparent Inverted Umbrella

19957 - Door Gifts - Straight Umbrella

5026 - Business Gifts - Raincoat in Ball

3451 - Gifts Ideas - Football Raincoat

20124 - Promotional Gifts - Children Raincoat

18813 - Promotional Gifts - Outdoor Raincoat

19138 - Corporate Gifts Suppliers - Umbrella Storage Bucket

Corporate Gifts Singapore - Best Selling Metal Pens Ranking

Rank 1
5165 - Crystal Pen With Stylus

Rank 2
2819 - Professional Metal Pen

Rank 3
0782 - Classic Metal Pen

Rank 4
4929 - Metal Pen

Rank 5
4925 - Aluminum Metal Pen
Style: Elegant & Luxury
Suitable Occations:
  • Lady Related Events
  • Cosmetic Field
  • Jewellery Industry
  • Hotel Field

Suggested Packaging:
12630 - Crystal Pen Box

MOQ: 100
Style: Clean & Neat
Suitable Occations:
  • Seminars and Talks,
  • Financial Industry
  • Architectual Field
  • Bank and Insurance

Suggested Packaging:
3106 - Black Pen Box

MOQ: 100
Style: Classical & Trustworthy

Suitable Occations:
  • Executive Collection,
  • Guests and Speakers
  • Management Level

Suggested Packaging:
2960 - Black Pen Box

MOQ: 100
Style: Smart and Credible

Suitable Occations:
  • Executive Collection,
  • Guests
  • Management Level

Suggested Packaging:
3106 - Black Pen Box

MOQ: 100
Style: Casual and Light

Suitable Occations:
  • Educational Organisations,
  • Promotion Events


Suggested Packaging:
4926 - Metal Pen Tin Box

MOQ: 100

Corporate Gifts Singapore - Customized Corporate Gifts at SourceEC

Welcome to Source EC, a professional supplier of

Corporate Gifts and Business Gifts in Singapore

We dedicate to provide high quality corporate gifts sourcing service to the organizations, enterprises, government departments in all size. We aim at achieving this by providing an innovative and wide range of corporate gifts in competitive price and deliver on time!
We are more than happy to provide practical

corporate gifts idea

based on your marketing plans and event requirement. You can also provide the budget to us, our salesperson would provide a series of possible corporate gift products, gift ideas and also available and fast options for you to select.
  We believe corporate gift is representing the giving company. It is important for the branding and image of a company. Therefore, we have a team of experienced consultants to provide comprehensive service to you. We have more than 10,000 

corporate gifts, promotional products


Premium Gifts


door gifts


customized gifts

in this website. If you still need more, don't hesitate to contact our corporate gift consultant, we have a strong corporate gift sourcing network in Asia, from pen, highlighter, notebook, eco-friendly products, cups, thermal mugs, to all kinds of electronic products, our sourcing team would response you in the fastest possible time.  
More than 100 successful cases of corporate gifts
We are serving industries of banking, government, educational institutions, private sector, etc.
Our team handles thousands of orders and hundred thousands of gifts items each year
Generating your corporate gifts idea from our successful cases
Successful Case
Wang Learning Centre (汪老师学园), registered with MOE, consists of a team of dedicated and passionate teachers. Following the MOE syllabus, over the years we have developed a...
Headquartered in the German town of Warburg in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lödige Industries was founded in 1948. The Group now has an international presence with sites ...
Manitou Asia Pte Ltd is dealing with contractor equipment & supplies-rental. Manitou Asia Pte. Ltd. customized the key shape USB flash drive as custom gifts. The t...
Illumina is a global company with a vision to be the leading provider of integrated solutions that advance the understanding of genetics and health. Our goal is to improv...
The Biomedical Sciences Institutes (BMSI) Business Centre, a shared service provider for corporate services encompassing Finance, Procurement, Human Resource and Office A...
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Fast Facts on Source EC
Corporate Clients
Over 20 multinational banks, 30 government departments, 100 educational institutions, have purchased gifts from Source EC, our team has served more than 4,500 organizations of all sizes.
Production Experience
Over the years,Source EC have produced more than 9 million gifts for all sizes of enterprises, Source EC's gift for commercial fairs, company annual dinner, shopping malls promotional activities, all size of the commemoration of the corporate bodies to actively promote the brand.
Customer Service Professionals
We have more than 50 employees in Taiwan, HongKong and Mainland China , including customer service, buyers and inspectors and so on. Source EC pleasant provide employees a pleasant working environment , at the same time, they are also requiring employees to be scrupulous handling per order.
Quality Control Center
with 5,000 square feet of gift quality inspection and packaging center in Guangzhou, before arrival to customer ,each gift of Source EC will be subject to a detailed examination of the inspector, to ensure quality.
Products Available Online
On the site of Source EC, there are more than 12,000 gifts for customers to purchase, our customer service is also very pleased to provide customers with advice on making and experience to provide the latest information to buy gifts and trends.
Important Terms: The product design, artwork, trademark and logos imprinted on products are reproduced as examples only.
Actual usage requires consent of trademark and licensed property owners. Trademark bearing merchandise can only be purchased by or through the trademark owner company.
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