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Color Pen

Color Pen

Product Specification
Net Weight (g) 7G
Sample Lead Time 7Days
Production Lead Time 20Days
Color Pen
Customization Color Pen Corporate Gifts
Customization Color Pen Corporate Gifts
Customization Color Pen Corporate Gifts

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Memo History

Recently, custom gifts like memos with its gorgeous appearance, practical functions, low cost has become a gift that is popular all over the world. As a necessity in the office, memos play a unique function. Marking information and leaving messages to improve communication and efficiency. Our custom memo gifts at Source EC are suitable for all occupations no matter as a gift or for yourself. Printed with the companys logo or slogan .

The discovery of the memo
The discovery of Post-it note was very accidental. The Scientists were trying to invent a highly viscous glue, only to find that it was weaker. Just when everyone was frustrated, a man at 3M discovered its true value in this experiment. So it becomes an opportunity to make billions of dollars.

In 1968, Dr. Spencer Silver, a scientist at 3M in the United States, attempted to develop a super-strong adhesive. Instead, he accidentally created a "low-tack", reusable, pressure-sensitive adhesive. For five years, Silver promoted his "solution without a problem" within 3M both informally and through seminars, but failed to gain "adherents". In 1974, a colleague who had attended one of his seminars, Art Fry, came up with the idea of using the adhesive to anchor his bookmark in his hymn book . Fry then utilized 3M's sanctioned "permitted bootlegging" policy to develop the idea. The original notes' pale yellow color was chosen by chance, from the color of the scrap paper used by the lab next door to the Post-It team. 


The markting of the Post-it
In 1978, many market studies showed that people's reaction to stickers convenience stickers was mixed. Marketing staff realized that the key to success was for customers to try out the product first, so they conducted a well-known pilot promotion in Idaho, called "Boise Bombing" -- they stuffed the test supplies into the local office stationery supply market, surprising 90 percent of consumers who said they would buy the product. Soon, 3M management gave the product the green light. In 1979, newspaper stickers convenience stickers were first introduced in 11 western U.S. states, with a large number of trials. Market testing has been very successful and some people even buy convenience stickers before the products start to be launched in the market and ship them to other cities for their colleagues to use. In 1980, stickers notes were rolled out throughout the United States. Lee Iacocca, a former president of Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Automobiles Co., and other Fortune 500 executives have written to 3M to express their love for the new commemorative gift.

The classification of Memos
According to the shape and the use, there are four different memo gifts:
1. Advertisement memo
Just like a notebook, especially for taking notes. If you want to write down some points without open another notes, Post-it is your best decision.  Sticker_Notes_Types Blank Post-it 
Line ruled design:  lined regularly, The lines are dark and uniform, whether you need blanks, rules or color options, it can meet your requirements.

2. Custom Post-it: 
it is thicker business memo.


3. Mini version of the memos:

It can easily mark the point or classify the documents.

Left: indicative memos  Middle:transparent memos  Right:Eco-friendly memos

4. Combined Post-it
Contains memo paper sand labels, makes us more efficiency according to the exclusive customized needs of different companies or business categories for the promotion of sticky notes, we provide customize gifts for various industries, such as house-shaped sticky notes, sticky notes, etc.

3913 custom memo

11445 memo notebook with caculator

11235 memo box

After knowing more history about memos, do you want to customize your memo pad?
Memos can help publish you and your company. we can help u to customlize your memos .

Precautions Stationary
Modern Stationery Classification:
In view of the traditional stationery, stationery souvenirs in today's society has been widely used in various fields and industries (especially in the arts and culture), regardless of size, common categories, stationery souvenirs have become indispensable commonly used items. In the material, mainly can be divided into plastic stationery souvenirs, ink, metal stationery souvenirs, pens and paper categories, but if we divided into functional points, it can be divided into office stationery, student stationery and gift stationery three categories, as to its processing technology is involved in a wide range.

Student stationery souvenirs are one of the most important branches of stationery supplies, the main use group is students. Student stationery souvenirs also include school stationery souvenirs, such as chalk, globes and so on, which our teachers use when we are in school. Student stationery is not only a good helper for learning, but also a good friend to accompany young children. We believe that a dedicated customized stationery souvenir with happy elements will make every day more exciting for students.
2138_Pencil_Case       2138_Pencil_Case      11491_Shapted_Memo_Sticker_Notes1     15437_leather_notebook_1
Office stationery is the main positioning of the crowd is enterprises (various industries), companies, institutions, governments, etc., office stationery souvenirs is characterized by the pursuit of practical and durable, they do not seek popular patterns. This is also a difference from student stationery.

Office stationery is also widely classified, such as custom office desktop stationery souvenirs, document processing stationery, postal packaging stationery, writing stationery and so on. Office stationery market has developed to the present, has become a huge consumption scale of nearly 100 billion market. Moreover, this market with the development of other industries and the trend of increasing year over year. In addition, it is worth mentioning computer equipment with the development of the network, paperless office gradually popularized, so the customize computer equipment have also become one of the office stationery .
17929_Accordion-File-Folder-with-Front-flap_2                 20536_Badge_Holder_01                 1416_ECO_Stapler_1               12341_Calculator_1
Stationery souvenir is a new stationery concept independent from stationery series in recent years. It is to promote the future world the high quality stationery souvenirs development momentum. In the Hong Kong International Stationery Exhibition, the organizers also specially classified gift stationery.Stationery souvenir mainly refers to the unique cultural background, in the form of gifts, business gifts, promotional items produced by stationery souvenirs.
Modern people pay more attention to business exchanges, business gift naturally has become an important bridge between enterprises and enterprises. Because of the change of life, gift stationery presents a larger market demand, when the choices have surprisingly increase, people are no longer limited to the traditional choices. In addition, Japanese and Korean stationery souvenirs are also become popular.
22410_Stylus_Pen_01                          3222_Golf_Penholder_With_Clock_1                          11657_Leather_Notebook_1                       8643_Advertisement_Ruler_01
Safety of the stationery

Stationery souvenirs are closely related to our lives, and anyone can come into contact with or use stationery souvenirs. Moreover, the stationery souvenirs sold on the market are also diverse, how should we choose the right way? 

1. Do not choose scented stationery souvenirs:

The smelling stationery souvenirs is from fragrance additives, poor quality stationery often contains excessive formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances. If we contact with those toxic stationery too often, especially smelling, gnawing, etc., can cause inflammation of the nose, throat, causing headache, nausea, memory loss, but also may lead to leukemia, cancer and other more serious lesions occur.
2. Do not choose too bright color stationery souvenirs:

Bright color stationery, usually containing heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc. , these heavy metal substances through the sweat glands into the human body, may damage the liver, kidneys, the human blood system and bone development adverse effects.
3. Do not select stationery souvenirs with sharp angles:

Some unique shapes or rough-making stationery may have sharp edges and tips that can cause harm to users, paying attention to the top of the arc, such as scissors, blades, rulers, and other stationery memorabilia, rather than sharp tips to reduce the risk of stabbing.


4. The color of paper should not be too white:

Particularly white paper adds a large number of fluorescent whitening agents, this substance is not easily decompose, after the body's accumulation will weaken the body's immunity. As the saying goes, it can't be too white, too white will stimulate, damage the eyes, easy to produce visual fatigue, affecting vision. In addition, long-term exposure to fluorescent agents can increase the burden on the human liver.


5.Cloth stationery souvenirs selected tasteless, well-printed, light

Pen bags souvenirs, school bags, etc. must be odorless. Secondly, the printing quality of the pattern is better, do not buy fabrics with phosphor. In addition, the cloth should be light, breathable and durable. In particular, we should pay attention to the purchase of metal accessories less, bandwidth is greater than 5 centimeters and the quality of the bag is light.

6.Select pen souvenirs should pay attention to pigments, pen sets, pen core:

For oil painting pens, crayons, pigments and other heavy metals in pigments, should be covered as soon as possible after use and wash hands in a timely manner.


7. Use as little correction fluid as possible (standing white/standing belt)

Correctional liquid (lico white / licord belt) itself has certain toxicity, such as the main ingredients titanium dioxide and methylcycline, normal use of the human body image is very small, but because of the younger primary school students, the body is still in the developmental period, long-term exposure to such organic solvents or have adverse effects.

Our greatest care is to provide customers and employees with safe stationery. Whether you belong to manufacturing, service, construction, accommodation and catering, finance and insurance, leisure services, real estate, or other industries, simply add your own customized stationery to your exclusive customlize ideas (such as trademarks or slogans, etc.) can be turned into company's most successful advertisements. After introducing the classification and safety of modern stationery, if you are interested in any stationery do not hesitate to contact us.

Customized stationery supplies are widely used, whether in the office, classroom or home can be casually seen the figure of them, such as pencil-box, or stationery sets. While most of the customized stationeries may seem boring, but you know there are some interesting facts behind these goods or guest gifts! Now let us to introduce you the eight fun facts of the custom stationery !

1. Pencils live longer than pen:
According to Bic's research, a home-made pencil's core can draw a continuous line of up to 50 kilometers, about 25 times longer than a home-made atomic pen can draw.
2. The paper clip:
During World War II, Norwegian soldiers put a home-made paper clip on the collar of their clothes, indirectly indicating that the sergeant was fighting and fighting Hitler's forces.
3. Old bread eraser:
The material for this kind of objectification stationery was first born in 1770 AD, and its invented by Joseph Priestley. Fun fact, the first home-made eraser in history to remove plaques was made from old bread!
4. Yellow highlighter:
In all the markets for home-made highlighters, do you know that yellow accounts for 85% of total sales? This color bit is in the middle spectrum of visible light, so the increase in the guest population includes people who are not sensitive to color.
5. The secret of the pen cap:
Did you know that the cap of the pen are holes? That's because an average of 100 people die each year from eating pen caps by mistake. Since then, manufacturers have gradually added ventilation holes to the cap of the guest pen to prevent from accidentally eating.
6. The adventure of the typist's finger:
By calculation, the typist's fingers can move an average of 12.6 kilometers per working day, in other words, the typist's fingers can be used for an average of two and a half marathons per week!
7. The King's custom-made stapler:
The first custom-made stapler known to man was made in the 18th century for King Louis XIV of France, and each custom-made item is engraved with a royal imprint, which is very well-dressed.
8. The priceless pen:
The usual customer-made pens on the market are of great value, but do you know what the highest prices ever sold are for a guest-made pen? $8 million! The customized pen, called Fulgor Nocturnus, was made by Tibaldi, a world-renowned Florentine penmaker. It sold at such a high price at the Shanghai auction in 2010 that it was due to the 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies decorated with locked stationery.

After reading those fun facts, arent they interesting ?
Contact us to discuss any custom gifts !