Card USB Flash Drive


Card Disk USB Flash Memory

Product Specification
Capacity 1 G / 2 G / 4 G / 8 G / 16 G
Loading Port HK-ExWork
Carton Dimensions 38×38×28CM
Product Size 86*54*3.2MM
Material ABS
Product Net Weight 25
Slim credit card size USB Flash Drive with metal body showing an executive styling. The super thin USB arm could be easily stored into the card disk body. Large printable areas on the front and back ensures maximum branding opportunity.
The Card Disk USB Flash Drive is available for many different color, and able to assist your promotion in different theme with different promotional effect.
The list price is for reference only. Due to the nature of the memory chip market, prices can fluctuate quite dramatically. In order to obtain the best prices please contact our sales team.
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1 2022-02-26
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