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the use of memos



The daily use of convenience stickers
 Post-it the character : 
  1. It can stick on everything
  2. Easy to take it down
  3. Wont leave the glue
  4. Wont hurt the surface
  5. It can repeat post-it
It has been used widely such as leave the comment, it is the necessity in the office and also the custom gift.

1. Reminding people of the works 
2. Use the memos to sort of the documents

Help you to list systematically

Life: It can be post in everywhere,such as kitchen, door 

Another way to use memos:

1. Clean the keyboard gap 

Dust, hair and even the remains of small animals such as mosquitoes accumulate inside the keyboard, and the bacteria that are prone to produce are not good for health. Just because there is no professional cleaning tool around, we can use thesticky note. Press the sticky side of the sticky note into the gap of the keyboard, or you can use the "swipe" method to pull through the gap, the dust and garbage will all be glued!

2. Good helper for storage of various digital products

Good helper for storage of various wiresCharging cables, data cables, and earplugs are indispensable accessories for digital products, but if you want to travel or store for a long time, put them together, it is easy to get confused and knotted. At this time the post-it notes come in handy! After we arrange the thread, we only need to wrap it with a note paper and use the stickiness of the sticky note to seal the seal. We are not afraid of knotting or confusion with other threads. If necessary, we can directly mark the sticky note souvenir! This method is suitable for all industries, especially the communication industry, art, entertainment and leisure service industry. Using note paper to keep it tidy is a perfect customized gift.



3. Tips for wall cleaning
Many people personally decorate the wall layout in their homes, and use an electric drill to drill the wall when necessary, but when drilling the wall, they will get dusty but they are too lazy to clean up. superior. Although it cannot be 100% clean, it is very convenient to use. 

4.Proposal method

Sticky notes are used when drilling walls. In fact, sticky notes can also be used for wall decoration to post different patterns. Even more powerful is to use sticky notes as a marrying method. Cleverly with different colors of convenience paste, on the wall with a huge heart-shaped pattern, ladies see the man's intention to propose, how can not agree?


5.Master piece
Paper, change human civilization, not only allow human beings to record things in writing, but also can be used in art, especially origami art completely to create interpretation with a piece of paper, but also move people. A square or rectangular convenience sticker, through the hand of origami, into a variety of three-dimensional patterns. The convenience of the aircraft gift in the picture, the most suitable for education and design category you create a guest-made works! The post-it airplane gift in the picture is most suitable for you to create a customized work for education and design! 


We can use memos to decorate our office.

Do u want to deliver the most sincere service to customers? A convenience sticker tailored to your exclusive customers can take care of your customers' daily lives as you are. Whether it's arranging a trip, organizing business academic documents, organizing highlights, it can be presented as a souvenir of your guest-made convenience sticker gift and surrounded by customers.  採購易 will always open for you and any customized goods or custom gifts.
Memos not only brings convenience to our life, but also brings us creativity and fun! You can also customize the printing convenience stickers as wedding gifts, souvenirs, corporate giveaways, industry advocates, and shareholders' gifts, highlighting your mind! Purchase 採購易 in order to meet the needs of different industries.




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