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Customized stationary: the history of paper


We believe that you learn a lot about Post-it memo or the sticky notes.
But do you know the history of paper and when does the original of the market ?

The important ingredients about paper:

Three most important equipments before the paper making:
1. bamboo
2. wood
3. silk

The four most important equipments after paper making:
1. A fishing net
2. Hemp
3. Tree skin
4. Fabric

History of paper :
As in the history and market origins of stationery: Pencil and Atomic Pen, before the invention of stationery pens and paper, the ancients mostly carved objects of different materials to leave traces and communicate and communicate, which could contain bones, stones, stone walls, or mud slabs. According to the history books, the history and market origins of the paper can be traced back nearly 2,000 years and share the reputation with the compass, also known as compass needles, gunpowder, and printing, three historic inventions known as the "Four Inventions". The origin of paper has given a stable foundation to the civilized society of the 20th century and promoted a stable foundation of stationery culture in 2021. Simply put, the lack of paper inventions, today's 21st century and 2021 stationery supplies, stationery stores, custom-made daily stationery, learning stationery, environmental protection stationery, custom stationery gifts, or custom stationery shareholders' meeting gifts will become useless.

The original of paper :
Now this commercial gift giveaway enterprises want to introduce more history about paper. Although historians' archaeological finds have known stationery paper as early as the Western Han Dynasty, today's 20 generations of descendants still mostly call Cai Lun the creator of stationery paper, because the official made the so-called Cai Hou paper during the East Han Dynasty. In the year 8 A.M., Muslims discovered the technology to make stationery paper and introduced it to Europe after occupying a paper mill. Soon after, Europe had the first stationery plant in history to be built in Spain. Over the next 800 years, stationery paper was used to photocopy Bibles, books, and legal documents containing multiple sheets of paper. After the 15th century AD, Britain began to print a large amount of stationery paper. In 1690, the first American worker to make stationery paper originated in Pennsylvania.

As the demand for stationery paper rose, American paper makers began to use wood instead of fabric to reduce costs. This change and breakthrough established the process of making paper today. At present, paper is made from trees in the forest or recycled stationery paper to make more goods, such as newspapers, magazines, notebooks, etc. Over time, the technology has matured and become a stationery that people love in 2021, and even become customizable gifts, corporate gifts, or custom souvenirs! After reading the introduction of the purchase gift company, is there a deeper understanding of this broad and profound culture and history? The technology of making stationery paper provides a stage for stationery supplies to flourish, and also provides an opportunity for the public to collect and love stationery, and to create a customer-oriented business platform for the 2021 generation. Stationery supplies is a concise and convenient generous advocacy products! Do you want to have a set of stationery gifts, corporate giveaways, shareholder memorabilia, or corporate gifts that own your company's commercial trademarks or logos and slogans? Then come and contact the purchase on 採購易!




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